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My results

The most important thing in trading and investing is to make profits. Here you can see my results and the certificates I got. I used to provide copy trading through eToro. Instead, I started providing services through Investing Signals and my Alternative Investment Fund.


Investing Signals

I provide Investment Signals on Stocks, Cryptocurrencies and Commodities in the Telegram Group. In 2023, the investment positions achieved a total appreciation of 57%, which is 23% better than the SP500 and 31% better than the Dow Jones Index.

APEX Trader Funding certificate

APEX Trader funding is a company providing capital for trading futures, I have acquired a total of twenty accounts of 50,000 USD with this company and I have one million USD under management, which I trade with as part of my intraday strategy.

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eToro results

In the past, it was possible to copy my trades through the eToro platform, where I achieved a 123% appreciation in two years with a risk score of 3 out of 10, i.e. with a very low level of risk. However, I stopped providing this service and instead started providing Investing Signals and capital management through the Alternative Investment Fund.

FTMO certificate

FTMO is a forex trading prop firm. I received a certificate from this company by trading my swing strategy, which I also use in the management of my Alternative Investment Fund and from which I also share my trades in my Investing Signals.

Scalping results


Every day I trade my own intraday method on my account. I can teach you this method in my coaching. In 2023, I implemented 847 trades as part of intraday trading, when I closed more than 66% of these trades in profit.

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