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Trading coaching

Trading coaching is a product for the most demanding of you. The purpose of coaching is to teach you my intraday trading system in one month so that you can then trade it independently. As part of this service, I will teach you absolutely everything you need to know to become a successful day trader. Trading coaching is divided into two parts, the theoretical part and the practical part. In the theoretical part, we will discuss everything from the basics of price action to more sophisticated models such as volume profile, order flow and tape reader. Thanks to the theoretical part, this service is also suitable for complete beginners. In the practical part, we will then focus on the creation of intraday previews of the market and subsequently on the entries themselves at pre-prepared levels from our previews. This is an exclusive product. I always coach a maximum of two clients per month. Trading coaching includes 25 private one on one lessons. This is a truly exclusive product and its price corresponds to that.

Price 8000 EUR

Individual counsel

I offer individual consultations and advice, where it is possible to create a tailor-made trading strategy for you or to discuss your trading and adjust it so that you achieve better results. The service is suitable for both complete beginners and advanced users and will be tailored to the needs of each individual client. In the case of a larger scope of consulting, it is possible to agree on individual price conditions.

Price 150 EUR/hour

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