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Alternative Investment Fund

I manage an alternative investment fund through which I jointly manage assets collected from multiple investors. The objective of the fund is to maximize investors' profits using intraday and long-term trades in stocks, futures and cryptocurrencies. As the name suggests, this is a so-called alternative fund, which is mainly subject to legal regulation according to the EU Directive on Alternative Investment Fund Managers (AIFMD) and § 15 of the Act on Investment Companies and Funds (ZISIF). With this in mind, the Alternative Investment Fund is registered on the list maintained by the Czech National Bank, but is not subject to its supervision.

Therefore, the alternative investment fund serves only a selected group of investors from among the public and also so-called qualified investors.

If you are interested in investing in the Alternative Investment Fund, then you must meet the conditions for becoming a qualified investor. A qualified investor is an investor who invests an amount equivalent to EUR 125,000 in the Alternative Investment Fund and signs the appropriate risk awareness statements together with the fund investment agreement.

The fund is licenced to manage up to 500 000 000 EUR.

If you meet the above conditions and are interested in investing in the Alternative Investment Fund, then do not hesitate to contact me and we will make arrangements.

This service is available only for EU citizens.

If you do not meet the criteria above, than you can still trade with us by joining our Investing Signals.

Are you interested in this service?

If so, do not hesitate to contact us and we will discuss the details.

Thanks for submitting!

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