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Green Shield Trading

Welcome to my website. My name is Martin Stejskal and I am a professional trader, investor and alternative investment fund manager. Within this website you can learn about my story and the products I offer.

My services

Profitable trading. Transparently.

I manage an alternative investment fund through which I co-manage assets pooled from multiple investors to maximize profits using intraday and long-term trades in stocks, futures and cryptocurrencies. The alternative fund is mainly intended for qualified investors. This service is available only for EU citizens.

Within my group, through the Patreon platform, I share my forex, swing and investment positions every day, including entry, stop loss, take profit and relevant money management. The goal of the product is to allow you to copy my trading. This product is for traders of any experience from any country worldwide.

Trading coaching is a product for the most demanding of you. The purpose of coaching is to teach you my intraday trading system in one month so that you can then trade it independently. This is an exclusive product. I always coach a maximum of two clients per month. The exclusivity of the product corresponds to its price.

I also provide individual counsel regarding both investing and trading. If you need help with your investing or trading than feel free to get in touch with me. This service is suitable for both complete beginners and advanced users and will be tailored to the needs of each individual client. 


“I learned more in three lessons with you than in three months of studying in another group.”

Petr Bulko, 
Trading coaching absolvent

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